Scented Baby Water

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Scented Body Water with organic extracts of calendula, refreshes the skin of the child by giving an immediate feeling of softness and clean.
“The unique fragrance of Linea MammaBaby becomes more round to evoke the good smell of the children right after the bath but also includes a very light nostalgic touch of memories and feelings of fascinating times, silk dress and “chic” environments.

Among the icons of the talc fragrances, Linea MammaBaby finds his own setting, the tone is direct and sincere, full of the tenderness of the Mother and the innocence of the Baby.” No alcohol, suitable for the most delicate and sensitive skin of babies, helps to keep the skin soft and perfumed.

To be applied after bathing or after the change. Vaporize the product being careful not to point directly to the face of the child.


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